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New Media Perspective

New media or traditional, Level Marketing believes in developing marketing solutions specifically designed to meet client business objectives.

At Level Marketing we work with Social Media and other forms of New Media every day. We’re literally immersed in the online space – as is most of the world today. Maybe that’s as it should be – it’s a powerful medium.  It’s been our observation, however, that many business people are more than a little concerned about the unknowns associated with online media; as in:  “What should I really be doing online – and does it really lead to bottom line results?” A fair question; so we thought a little commentary about the topic might be helpful.

While it’s true that new media tactics are often an essential part of an optimal marketing mix, usually new media usually isn’t a solution by itself. After all, marketing has been around for decades, and many “old media” tools have excellent track records. TV. Radio. POS. Print. Direct Mail. Magazines. PR. The honor roll of successful campaigns using “old media” tools is legendary – and rather lengthy. The truth is, marketing programs that utilize both old and new media tools are often the most successful campaigns of all.

At Level Marketing we’re “tactic agnostic” – new media or old, we pride ourselves in recommending the right tool for the stated business objective. Using the best tools for the marketing tasks at hand – which is often a combination of both new and old media tools – is our passion.

At Level, first we evaluate the market and then build the balanced marketing solutions that lead to quantifiable business results that make the most of our clients’ marketing budgets.

A New Media Perspective

Of late, it seems, marketing practitioners have become infatuated with selling clients each shiny new Internet tactic-of-the-month – with little regard to actually selling their clients’ products to consumers. One day it’s Twitter. The next it’s Facebook. Or an email campaign. Mobile media. Blogs. QR Codes. SEO-optimized websites. Pay-per-click. The vast and wild frontier of the “new media” world.

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