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It’s All About Results

Several years ago, Sergio Zyman, the legendary former chief marketing officer at Coca Cola, crafted a rather elegant definition of marketing. He said that marketing is, “selling more products, to more people, more frequently – often at a higher price.”

There’s an old expression in the marketing business: “Pioneers get the arrows, settlers get the land.” It seems to us that with the dawn of “new media” a lot of business people have encountered a fair amount of arrows – investing in new media marketing for new media’s sake.

Without a clear-cut vision of where they’re trying to get they’ve reluctantly accepted vigorous marketing activity as a substitute for quantifiable business results.

At Level Marketing we’ve found Zyman’s definition of marketing serves our clients well. After all, marketing shouldn’t just be a collection of random tactics; it’s really about developing focused strategies that meet corporate business objectives: Sales. Net profit. Return-on-Investment (ROI).  In short, results.

Level Marketing is dedicated to leveling the playing field for small business – and equipping them to compete successfully with big business. We’ve spent years doing marketing work for multiple Fortune 500 companies.

And, while that was rewarding, it pales in comparison to the satisfaction we gain from helping smaller companies take full advantage of the tools and strategies formerly available only to larger sized enterprises.

Is your small business ready to compete more effectively in the market? If the answer is yes, Level Marketing is ready for you!